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Luther Movie Available For Purchase

"Discover the story behind the man who sparked the Protestant Reformation. Told through a seamless combination of live-action storytelling and artistic animation, Martin Luther's daring life is presented in extensive detail while still making the film relevant, provocative, and accessible."

So reads the advertising blurb on Amazon on the page where this movie may be purchased:

Obviously many agree with this synopsis, with 69% of all viewers who have left a review on Amazon to date awarding it a full 5 stars. One of these has stated:

"Beautifully filmed and educational without being dull and uninteresting.

The contributors are not merely pastors and theologians, but are men whose lives demonstrate unquestionable character and learning. We sometimes confuse truth for "lack of objectivity," but rest assured this film is based on historical facts and therefore, verifiable. This year (2017) marks the 500th anniversary of the Protestant Reformation and you'd be doing yourself a disservice if you miss this excellent documentary on the life and importance of Martin Luther. Highly recommended."

You can watch a preview – or purchase the entire film here:

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