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New Record Lasts Less Than A Week!

When the time to complete our biblical and Reformation sentence, "The just shall live by faith" (Galatians 3:11) was driven down to 38.20 seconds, I was quietly confident this could be the runaway winner on the Reformation Tours.

However, this record that was set by Alison, Lydia and Emma-Jayne in August was shattered last Saturday. Another ​trio of ladies, Lisa, Nicola and Rebecca, pulled it down to 34.54 seconds.

And tonight fresh celebration broke out in the 'Wartburg Castle' room at Martyrs when a group of men (yes, you read that correctly, as, up until this point, no group of men has ever managed to better the women they have competed against) shaved almost 3 seconds off the new record as they completed the task in 31.56 seconds. (There was a fleeting moment when I thought they were going to manage a time of under 30 seconds). Congratulations to Adam, Alan, Christopher and David (a combined effort with two members from Martyrs and two from Londonderry Youth Fellowships). You may just emerge as the all-time winners!

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