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Scrambled Words Record Shattered!

The previous record of 38.20 seconds to complete the spelling of a key biblical and Reformation sentence, "The just shall live by faith" (Galatians 3:11) that was set in August was decisively shattered today.

When this time was achieved by Alison, Lydia and Emma-Jayne, I said:

"I imagine that this is one record that may stand for a considerable period. Of course, that is your target ... ."

It has been targeted by many groups that have visited the Reformation Rooms since August. And it was attacked with free gusto and determination today by another trio of ladies, Lisa, Nicola and Rebecca. I should say that in all the tours I have conducted to date, no group of men has ever managed to pip any trio of women they have competed against. In fact, they rarely come anywhere close!

The new record now stands at an incredible 34.54 seconds. As always the challenge is: "Beat that if you can!" I am confident this will take some beating ... but then again ... .

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