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Astonishing Ignorance about Justification

Everyone who professes to know Christ as Saviour has an excellent knowledge of the Bible doctrine of Justification by Faith alone. Especially in this 500th anniversary year of the beginning of the Protestant Reformation ... .

Actually, no.

Tragically, no.

As the presenters of the Radio Show, The White Horse, reveal, this fundamental doctrine of the Christian faith remains shrouded in mind-numbing ignorance even in so-called 'Christian' circles today. In fact, many 'evangelicals' have espoused nothing short of a Roman Catholic view of this doctrine.

The introductory blurb to Radio Show #1381 – Justification By Faith Alone – reads:

"Once upon a time, Protestants of every variety were identified as those who were committed to the doctrine of 'justification through faith alone.' In our day, however, most Protestants are not even familiar with this doctrine. With either stern rigor or happy tips for better living, conservatives and progressives alike end up smothering the gospel through constant exhortations to either personal or social transformation. In either case, the focus has shifted away from God’s story of redemption in Christ, which is embraced by faith alone. On this program the hosts will discuss the doctrine which Luther said was at the heart of the Protestant Reformation, as they continue their exploration of the solas."

Listen. And lament ... .

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