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Reformation Outreach Tract Deliveries

The Gospel tract designed by the Reformation Committee of the Free Presbyterian Church is scheduled to arrive at homes in Northern Ireland this week.

787,000 homes are due to be reached by this method – every home in the country.

Though I must admit to some bias as a member of this Committee, I am persuaded that this is one of the best tracts I have ever seen. It runs to 12 pages, but due primarily to it's comprehensive yet concise Gospel content and aided by excellent design work, those responsible for it have eagerly anticipated the week when it is distributed to Ulster homes by the Royal Mail.

Publication and distribution costs have been large – but funds that have come in from our churches across the province have covered the entire costs of this project.

In this key anniversary year, may God, by His Holy Spirit, convince the hearts of many of their need of Christ alone to save them.

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