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'Little Luther' Meets Jan Hus

This photo has been sent by a friend, David Cahoon, currently on holiday in Prague who has involved himself in some keen research of the Reformation this year.

Martin Luther was by no means the first figurehead to call for a radical reformation of the church: others like John Wycliffe (England, C14th) and Jan Hus (Bohemia, C15th), caused Gospel light to shine again; Luther picked up the torch from their strong hands and waved that torch across Europe in the C16th.

This connection between these three men is encapsulated by a painting at the Hus house and by a trio of medallions in the Prague museum:

- Wycliffe is generating sparks by means of flint stones;

- Hus gather up those sparks and uses them to ignite his little candle;

- Luther holds high the blazing torch of truth.

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