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Lisburn Junior Youth @ The Reformation Rooms

One tour followed 'on the heels' of another at Martyrs tonight.

• First in was the Youth Fellowship from Ballynahinch FPC, accompanied by their minister, Rev. Timothy Nelson.

Their tour commenced at 7.30pm and when I dropped out to speak at our own Youth Fellowship meeting at 8.35pm, Tommy Gilmore took over to provide some light refreshments for the group.

• By this time the second fellowship – Lisburn FPC's Junior Youth – were being shown around, their tour having started just after 8.00pm, conducted by Peter Lunn.

With my message at the Martyrs Fellowship delivered, the criss-crossing paths of this night were completed when the Martyrs youth were able to come upstairs and sample the sweet stuff on offer. This time enabled me to meet up with a few 'old friends' from my Lisburn days.

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