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A New 'Katie' in the Dress

Alana Wilkinson gave fantastic service to the Reformation Room project this year, contacting schools to secure bookings, transferring DVD clips for use in our video suite, typing up the booklets for the tour guides, acting as one of those tour guides herself, etc., etc..

She will be an incredibly difficult act to follow ... .

But someone has to step into her shoes now that Alana is going back to University in order to complete her final year of studies. We wish her much blessing for her work in 2017-18.

And we are delighted to bring Louisa McCabe 'on board' as Alana's replacement! It has been a pleasant sight to see her not only volunteer for this post at Martyrs, but display early sights of enthusiasm and dedication.

So to our new 'Katie' we extend the warmest of Martyrs' welcomes!

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