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Saltmine's Luther Production

On the 500th anniversary year of Luther’s Ninety-Five Theses being sent out, Saltmine Theatre Company has announced a new 20-minute dramatic presentation celebrating the life and work of a true Faith Pioneer.

Titled, 'Legacy: The Story of Martin Luther,' it depicts a man whose devout faith and unshakeable commitment to the Word of God led him to translate the Bible. This act made Scripture accessible to all for the first time in history and changed the trajectory of the Christian Church forever, as he becomes convinced that salvation comes through faith alone and can never be bought.

This powerful portrayal can easily fit into a church service or into a celebration event already scheduled. It is available from October –early November 2017

Those who wish to enquire about booking a date may do so by contacting Joanna Bell, Tour Co-Ordinator on 01384 454 807 or email:

Saltmine, a professional company with a Christian ethos, creates faith-motivated art and tours to churches, theatres and schools throughout the UK and abroad, performing to over 100,000 people each year. For more information please visit

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