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Women of the Protestant Reformation

The names of Martin Luther, John Calvin, John Knox, Ulrich Zwingli, William Tyndale and other prominent characters of the Protestant Reformation in Europe are well known.

However, these did not exist, far less prosecute the work, alone in their respective countries. There were many other men – and women – who worked tirelessly and sacrificially to advance the cause of the Reformation.

Did I say "women"?

Of course.

But, do you know the names of any of these Reformation women?

Not many do.

Valerie Abraham has helped us in writing an article, Five Important Women of the Reformation You Should Know About. This may be accessed here:

It briefly outlines the stories of:

* Marguerite de Navarre (1492-1549)

* Marie Dentière (c. 1495-1561)

* Argula von Grumbach (1492-c.1554)

* Olympia Morata (1526-1555)

* Jeanne d’Albret (1528-1572)

In a later post, an introduction will be given to Luther's wife, Katherine von Bora.

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