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Series of Short Messages on Faith

The radio ministry of the Free Presbyterian Church, Let The Bible Speak, has been uploading a series of short messages by Dr Alan Cairns based on the subject of Faith as suggested by Hebrews chapter 11.

These messages were originally delivered as part of Dr Cairns regular ministry in Greenville, then adapted for broadcasting.

The first message in the series may be accessed by following this link:

Using the navigation arrows near the top of the page you may move to the various sections in this series:

* The Activities of Faith (5 messages)

* The Twin Pillars of Faith (5 messages)

* Justifying Faith (5 messages)

* Faith that Overcomes Depravity and Death (5 messages)

* The Faith that Stands Secure in the Judgment (5 messages)

* A Pilgrim Faith (4 messages)

* The Fruitfulness of Faith (5 messages)

* The Trial and Triumph of Faith (5 messages)

* God Proving Faith and Faith Proving God (4 messages)

* A Faith that Brightens even the Grave (5 messages)

* Faith – The Protection of the Family (5 messages)

* Faith's Conflict, Cross and Crown (4 messages)

* Salvation Signified and Sealed through Faith (5 messages)

* Sin's Strongholds Fall before Faith (5 messages)

* Saved from Wrath by Faith (4 messages)

* Doing the Impossible through Faith (9 messages)

* Bearing the Unbearable through Faith (5 messages)

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