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Booking your Reformation Tour in Belfast

When Luther sent his 95 Theses to Albrecht, the Archbishop of Mainz, he was hoping to spark a debate on the misuse of Indulgences within the Catholic Church. His introductory line set the tone for the rest of the Reformation battle: “Out of love for the truth, and the desire to make it plain.”

This has been our aim at Martyrs in opening our Reformation Room (for the sake of accuracy we should really say “Rooms” as this project has undergone much mission creep since day one to the extent that it now occupies four rooms and incorporates a tour through many sections of the Martyrs Memorial church): to make the truth of faith alone in Christ alone plain to the neighbourhood in which the Lord has placed us; to help people along to a love for the truth. We have been treated to so much ‘fake news’ in recent times, it is high time that the truth was presented and promoted in a tangible way.

We felt confident that this project was do-able, not least because God has blessed us with space and resources, and gifted us a team of willing, enthusiastic workers.

After months of planning and hard work, our Reformation Room was officially opened on Thursday, 4 May. This date had huge significance in Luther’s life as it was on this day, almost 500 years ago, that he entered the Wartburg Castle (4 May 1521). We are praying that the commencement of this Tour as an outreach to our community will have a dramatic impact upon hearts and minds.

15 school classes have already visited the Rooms prior to the end of term in June; many other groups are now availing themselves of the opportunity to book a tour. You are invited!

Please use:

reformation (for evening and weekend tours);

Schools should book using

Should none of these slots suit, then feel free to contact us directly.

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