Reformation Fathers and Sons Trip

David Johnstone and David Martin, two fathers from Lurgan Free Presbyterian Church, organised a two-day 'Reformation Father and Son Trip' to Castle Ward, Co. Down, Northern Ireland. This extremely scenic park, with a variety of suitable places of interest, enabled them to move to different locations for the purpose of re-enacting, then discussing key points in Luther’s life.

Highlights in the two-day itinerary (Monday-Tuesday) were:

* Bible studies & Devotions – songs and studies of Martin Luther, plus father & son relationships;

* A study of Martin Luther and the Reformation by activities/discussions via a workbook:

- Early Life – Life in 1500’s

- Search for God through Church – penance / works, etc

- Nailing 95 Thesis to door – (re-enactment #1)

- Diet of Worms – Court Case – (re-enactment #2)

- Kidnapping – recreate this event working in teams – (re-enactment #3)

* Adventure training:

- Raft Building

- Archery

- Trail walking

Rev. Ron Johnstone, Newtownards, joined the party on the second day to inject his considerable expertise into the discussions on Luther.

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