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The Panorama Luther 1517

Currently showing in Wittenberg is The Panorama LUTHER 1517 – a highlight of the Luther Year 2017 in Wittenberg. It is dedicated to the events that took place in Wittenberg 500 years ago, when the monk and scholar Martin Luther published his 95 Theses on the reform of the (Catholic) Church and thus set in motion a dramatic movement that had a deep impact – lasting to this day – on the history and religion of the world.

To present the 360° Panorama, a rotunda able to house the 15 x 75 metre work has been specially built in the old part of the city of Wittenberg.

A unique feature of the LUTHER 1517 Panorama project is the combination of a Yadegar Asisi Panorama artwork with this world event designed to commemorate the Reformation by the Protestant Church in Germany as well as the Lutherstadt Wittenberg. The panoramic experience is rounded off with the accompanying music by film composer Eric Babak and sound effects reflecting the era and the setting in the scene.

More of the artwork can be viewed by following this link:

It has proved useful to me as I make the 28mm model to portray Luther's life and ministry.

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