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Open Day at the Martyrs

At 10.00am we opened the doors for our 'Just By Faith Alone' Reformation Tour – and we had little idea who, if indeed anybody, would appear.

We were understandably overjoyed to be able to meet and greet 70-80 people over the course of the next few hours. Several tours were conducted, plenty of food was consumed (Thank you Michael, Alison, and Vera!) and, I am confident, everyone thoroughly enjoyed their experience.

Some clips that I received (or have retrieved from Facebook) are:

"Absolutely excellent. Need to get churches to come to this!" (James Bennison).

"A really enjoyable tour at Martyrs Memorial this morning. Well worth a visit." (Mildred Park).

"Great tour! Thanks to you and Rev. Brown. The bacon butties were good too!!" (Stephen Irwin).

Again, many thanks to all the tour guides for a professional (and entertaining) job in presenting the crucial truths of the Protestant Reformation.

And to Abigail, for modelling one of our Renaissance/Reformation costumes:

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