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The Wartburg Castle

When Rosetta Dickson, one of the members of Martyrs, returned from a spring tour of the sites associated with Martin Luther, she presented Peter Lunn and I with a scale model of the Wartburg Castle. She then proceeded to give me a detailed explanation as to where exactly Martin Luther's room at the Wartburg was located.

Knowing that I was already 'up to my neck' (and above) with work on the 28mm model that aims to present 10 major scenes from the life and ministry of Luther, I pleaded "lack of time" for taking on yet another modelling project. (One look at some of the small cardboard pieces that needed to be meticulously cut out to provide pieces for this model instantly hoisted a red flag).

Peter turned the package over, tried to read some of the instructions of the model – but, noting that they were written in German, decided that this work of construction was not for him either.

... Enter Karl Burgess and his daughter Abigail.

I noticed him going away from Peter, but with the model package in his hand. "Fast move there," I thought.

Ever since, Karl and Abigail have been spending significant time in laboriously cutting out the multitude of pieces that comprise this highly detailed project, basing them, folding them, glueing them ... to the extent of progress that the photos on this page reveal. We salute their patience and dedication – may both sustain themselves well into the future!

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