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One Benefit of Hoarding Scrap

This is not an attempt to justify the kind of hoarding of materials that transforms a home into an obstacle course.

However, to add some detail to the 28mm model, 'Luther's Life in 10 Scenes,' I have been happy to dip into a few boxes of old 'Subbuteo scrap' – the kind of broken items that should have been helped into the bin many years ago, but which have now assumed a useful function.

Some broken Goalposts, some scattered fence posts and a few lollipop sticks have been utilised in producing a little bridge for the Pleissenberg Castle (Leipzig) scene.

Memo to self: don't tip out everything when following your plan to tidy up the garage this summer!

Stage #1: Cut Crossbars, etc., of Goalnets; make grooves to slide into Fence Posts

Stage #2: Slide 4 x Crossbar pieces into Fence posts, Slip Lollipop 'boards' in between

Stage #3: Complete the process

Stage #4: Apply some Paint (I should attach some chain / rope between posts)

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