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First Public School Tour

Our first public school from South Belfast came along to the Just By Faith Alone Tour this morning. Our church buses were sent out to collect them, plus another vehicle for additional transport. In all 34 pupils and teachers were in attendance.

This Tour was most useful to help us calibrate the timings that are necessary to keep in mind for the School Tours:

- Transport time, including getting in and out of buses: 30 minutes

- Tour: 1 hour 15 minutes (including the Luther / Reformation Story, the 11-minute DVD all the interactive elements, and the presentation of Bibles)

- Food: 15 minutes

- Bus home: 30 minutes

- Total time (from start to finish): 2 hours 30 minutes (picked up at school at 10am, returned at 12.30pm).

One of the accompanying teachers who filled in the assessment form for the Tour stated:

"For favourite part I selected other – all of it was fantastic! It was really well put together, very well organised. And the kids loved it. Would definitely recommend it!"

Many thanks to all those who helped in making this Tour the success it was: drivers, Hugh, Jim and Phil; tour guides, Alana and Phil; tea time, Lisa and Roy.

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