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Rush to Opening Time

Another extremely busy day at Martyrs as squads of workers were buzzing around, completing various parts of the project in time for the Official Opening of the Reformation Room tonight at 7.30pm.

Work that had to be done included:

• Perspex fitted to the display cabinets,

• the displays filled,

• detail painted in on Luther's face for the sliding tile puzzle,

• relevant posters and picture frames positioned,

• 28mm model assembled (a long way short of completion, this is definitely a work in process!),

• stamp assembled and positioned for the 'Gutenberg Press,'

• a 'Bob the Builder' hat transformed to look like an old miners hat,

• and a whole plethora of other last minute items that filled the entire day with energy and industry.

A massive thanks to the willing company of skilled workers who once again devoted their time and talents to this project and helped us to realise so many targets that have facilitated an excellent exhibition and tour.

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