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You Can Book Your Tour Now

With one day to go to 'Opening Night,' you are now able to book your 'Just By Faith Alone' Tour of our Reformation Room.

While we have referred to the project from the start as our 'Reformation Room' (therefore the title of this website, etc.,), the enterprise has known significant 'creep' from day one so that it now comprises a substantial tour of the Martyrs church building.

As a rough gauge, if you are booking a School Tour, expect it to last 90 minutes from start to finish. This may be only slightly shorter for Youth and Adult Groups.

For your convenience – and ours – we have set up TWO online booking forms.

You can access these to check our which slots are available and therefore plan ahead for your tour. (Several schools have already booked in for the Friday morning tours and some have captured the Monday morning slots, but the tours will be available from now until May next year, so there should be plenty of opportunity for you to visit).



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