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Time To Raise The Roofs

With little more than a week to go to 'Opening Night,' the activity on our Reformation project – which has been intensive for months now – stepped up a further gear this morning.

• Further work was done on the 'Gutenberg Press,' with the attachment of a rotary arm and the application of some paint;

• Contact was made with some people who have promised to loan relevant materials for the Exhibition;

Photo frames were purchased for the purpose of displaying relevant postcards and pictures that feature the Reformation story;

Monks' gowns appeared, now in their proper position on newly-fitted pegs in the Monastery Room;

• A template was designed for the first of several buildings in the Luther Diorama (the Erfurt Monastery where Luther signed up in the Augustinian Order), then walls for this building were cut out of foam board, then plasticard.

Onward we go ... .

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