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Rubbings on the Luther Doors

Part of the Kids Club that is organised for children during the annual Easter Convention services was to do some rubbings on the 'Luther Doors' at Martyrs.

On the central set of the six front doors at Martyrs some of Luther's 95 Theses are displayed. It is our plan to begin the Luther Tour at this point, so the children who made rubbings of one word on these doors yesterday helped us with a valuable test:

• is the panel on the sheet we have prepared for these rubbings large enough to accommodate the largest words on the doors?

• how high can children typically reach on the doors?

• are the crayons we plan to use large/good enough for the job?

• how long will it take a class of 30 children to complete this stage at the start of the Tour?

So, many thanks to all the children who helped us yesterday. Your help is very much appreciated. We hope you'll all be able to come back and complete the Luther Tour once our 'doors open for business'!

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