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Bookmarks on Tour

Thanks to the generosity of Mr Joe Costley, 2000 bookmarks arrived at Martyrs today in time for the annual Friday evening meeting in the Easter Convention.

These will be extremely useful in drawing attention to our 'By Faith Alone' Luther Exhibition as they deliver the invitation to:

• Retrace the Steps of Luther

• Rediscover the Gospel of Grace as he did

• Receive Excellent Resources about the Reformation.

Many people wandered through our Exhibition area in the hope of catching sight of what we are doing. However, tonight was not the night: we plan to open the doors on Thursday, 4 May, initially for the benefit of our own congregation, then the opportunity will be given for Youth Fellowships and other groups to book and take the Reformation Tour with us.

Please stay patient ... and sign up to get the total experience!

I am indebted to a group of young people who humoured me by posing with the bookmarks; top marks to all of you for being good sports!

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