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Tetzel Has Arrived ...

I was intrigued to be part of a discussion today where the subject was offerings in Martyrs 'in days of yore.' One visitor raised the image of plastic buckets being passed around the congregation (later revising this to a memory from the opening of the Whitefield College of the Bible at Laurencetown); another insisted that this had not been a feature during his sojourn at Martyrs; yet another recalled the 'famous silent collections'!

One truth remains uncontested: Martyrs people still know how to give well.

With some degree of trepidation, we announce (edit: warn of) the arrival of Tetzel – the arch adversary of Martin Luther in Wittenberg in October 1517.

A suitable money chest has been sourced from eBay that will represent the money box of this serial indulgence seller. This will form a little part of the display in the 'Conflict Chamber' in our suite of Reformation Rooms.

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