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Reformation Figures – Painting Update #1

The first trio of 28mm figures to be subjected to a 'Reformation / Renaissance' palette:

1. A Swiss Guard in the original colours of the Papacy - not the famous yellow and white (which was introduced in the days of Napoleon), but yellow and red.

2. I'm very tempted to use this miniature to represent Luther's time in exile at the Wartburg Castle where he travelled under the name, 'Knight George' (Junker Jorge).

3. Another possible Luther figure, suitable for an appearance at one of the many debates in which he engaged – Heidelberg, Leipzig, or Worms.

4... The unfinished figures in the background will be deployed in one of the ten scenes from Luther's life and ministry that the finished diorama is expected to portray. In other words, a massive job of work lies in front of me between now and the proposed opening of the 'Reformation Room Luther Exhibition' towards the start of the month of May!

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