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"I Would Like To Invite You To Luther Country"

This little video, featured on the Thuringia website,, provides one of the most captivating series of views of 'Luther Land' that I have encountered.

Plus I appreciate the way in which they market it:

"Martin Luther, one of the world’s most influential religious reformers, spent much of his life studying, working and evolving in Thuringia.

He first came to Thuringia for schooling in Eisenach.

Thuringia's capital, Erfurt, became the intellectual home of the young Martin Luther. He registered as a student at Erfurt University more than 500 years ago and gained a Master's Degree in the Faculty of Arts in 1505.

His home during this time, the Augustinian Monastery, is both Luther memorial and unique conference venue today.

After being banned by the Pope, Luther was taken to Wartburg Castle for refuge and here he began and fulfilled his greatest cultural achievement – the translation of the New Testament from Greek into German."

You can access the video here:

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