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Martin Luther – Rubber Duck Version

For those who are collecting Martin Luther memorabilia, this may add some odd variety to your collection.

I've spotted the now famous Luther Playmobil figure, a 10" Martin Luther 'plush figure,' a Martin and Katharine set, and many other items – all released to coincide with the 500th anniversary of Luther's stand at Wittenberg.

... And now the 'Martin Luther Rubber Duck'!

The publicity tells us that it's "great for party favours, Easter baskets, pre-school parties, cake toppers, birthdays, baby showers or bath time fun."

I'm not sure that I expected to see this one float. But, coming from a company – Duckshop – that has produced "over 800 creative designs and sizes" in order "to reflect your mood, hobby, character and situation," I guess I should not have been surprised ... .

Though I must confess ... I am ... .

Still ..., "please run the bath ... ."

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