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... As in the Time of the Reformation

Last evening, at a deputation meeting held in Martyrs Memorial Free Presbyterian Church, Mr Samuel Adams spoke of the ongoing work of the Revival Movement Association. While he provided updates on the work of Gospel literature distribution from Cuba to China, and from Romania to Rwanda, it was a reference to France that specially attracted my attention.

On reading their monthly magazine ('Good News') when I came home, I noticed these few paragraphs devoted to the spread of the Word of God in France.

"The special Christian literature project in France is called 'Let's Dare to Sow Together.' God has blessed this project abundantly during the past year. We are so grateful for all the faithful donors who made it possible to spread the Gospel to millions of French families, many of whom are hearing the good news of Jesus Christ for the very first time.

43 churches all over France work together to get the Gospel to families. 400,000 Gospel packs were distributed. Each pack consisted of a Gospel, a letter for parents and a booklet 'Things you Need to Know' for children. Please pray that God will cause His Word to bear fruit as in the time of the Reformation."

Imagine how pleased I was to read a further few paragraphs in the Bloemhorf's report that made this further living connection to the French Reformation:

"God has used this Gospel literature outreach during the past 3 years to establish a strong church in John Calvin's birth town, mainly using children who desire to know more about God. After the town of Noon received the good news in their mailboxes several children urged their parents to go to the church that was to be established a short time after the outreach. In that way God saved many families of whom some heard the Gospel message for the first time ever.

But this is not the end of the beautiful story of God's love for today's children.

17,000 Gospel packets provided by Every Home Crusade were distributed this year to the surrounding towns of Noyon especially in the town of Rome. Today there are many children and young people in this church, some of the newly saved parents have also joined the church. The church hopes to purchase soon a big cinema building in the centre of Noyon to use for worship services. We give all the glory to God alone.

... Thank you for helping us to continue to spread the printed good news to millions in France. Please pray that God will use the 500 year anniversary of the Reformation during 2017 to bring many to Himself."

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