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Is Wittenberg on your Travel Bucket List?

Writing for The Telegraph on 31 January 2017, Nick Trend volunteered his ideas about "the ultimate travel bucket list for culture lovers" this year:

"for those planning a city break in 2017, here is our selection of the very best of those high points."

Sitting comfortably among the usual fashionable destinations like London, New York, Paris, Venice, Tokyo and Berlin is ... Wittenberg, the setting for much of Luther's ministry.

"Wittenberg: Luther Celebrations

Five hundred years ago Martin Luther’s 95 theses marked the beginnings of Protestantism and the great split in the western church. It was one of the great cultural shifts in European history and is being celebrated throughout Germany.

The most important events are in Wittenberg where Luther spent most of his life as a theologian in the university.

• Luther, 95 treasures – 95 people at the Lutherhaus is an exploration of the impact of his teachings on figures ranging from Lucas Cranach, to Johann Sebastian Bach and Martin Luther King, junior.

• There is also a World Reformation Exhibition and programme of events on the ramparts of Wittenberg’s Old Town examining the relevance of Luther’s thought today.


World Reformation Exhibition: May 20-September 10;

Luther! 95 treasures – 95 people: May 4-November 5.

For more information:

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