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A Little Modelling Opportunity

The 500th anniversary of the start of the Protestant Reformation affords me another opportunity to dabble in some 28mm modelling. I am delighted to note that several ranges of late Medieval / Renaissance white metal figures exist, including some monks, priests and plenty of peasants, etc..

What more graphic way by which to render some of the key scenes in Martin Luther's life but through the use of a miniature diorama? This is certainly one prospect that very much appeals to me and should ensure that the Reformation exhibition at Martyrs is quite unique.

My initial thought is to represent 8 major incidents in Luther's life:

1. The thunderstorm and Luther's entrance into the monastery at Erfurt

2. His visit to Rome, including Pilate's Staircase

3. Nailing 95 Theses to door of Castle Church in Wittenberg

4. Evangelical awakening in the Tower Room at Wittenberg

5. The Leipzig Disputation

6. Burning the Pope's Bull at Elster Gate, Wittenberg

7. Appearance at the Diet of Worms

8. Luther's 10-month sojourn in the Wartburg Castle

Now to scan the internet world for some appropriate models – and find some 'spare time' in which to paint them in the resplendent colours of Renaissance / Reformation times ... .

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