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The Fly Press Has Arrived

We are delighted that the Fly Press has arrived safely in Martyrs' garage!

This was quite an operation in itself. Thanks to 'expertise' that Mr Phil Hartin had gleaned from previous employments, by using a few pieces of brushshafts we were able to roll/guide/cajole/shove this weighty lump of kit off the back of a trailer (it had been initially placed there by a forklift truck), down a makeshift wooden ramp and safely onto the floor of the garage. Apologies that no video footage was taken of this operation – it would have been a Youtube sensation!

Our plan is to construct a wooden frame around this so that it resembles the kind of Gutenberg Press that Luther used to speedily print and extensively circulate the message of the Reformation throughout Europe.

We now need to design and produce a stamp for use with this press – possibly with a graphic of Luther's head plus his famous text, "The just shall live by faith" (Romans 1:17).

Each visitor to our Reformation Room will be able to place this impress on the final page of their 'Luther Workbook' as the final part of their tour.

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