Finances in Place

The Kirk Session of Martyrs Memorial Free Presbyterian Church formally approved the concept of the Reformation Room project as soon as it was proposed to them in the latter months of 2016. I am delighted to report that, when presented with the updated plans for this venture, plus details of the significant expenditure that it will most likely entail, both Session and Committee unanimously approved the release of funds to realise the total project.

It may have been possible to obtain funding from outside sources, or generate some monies by means of a variety of fundraising activities, but to receive this level of solid support with the accompanying statement, "No, this is a fantastic opportunity for evangelism and we want to back it to the hilt. You'll not have to scrape around for funds; we're going to cover the entire cost," is – and this is to put it most mildly – tremendously encouraging!

(And, by the way, the outline of some of our plans for the Reformation Room in the rough graphic above is deliberately difficult to read – we want to keep some surprises 'up our sleeves' on this one!)

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