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Give Wheat in this Reformation Year

I was much encouraged through listening to Rev. Patrick Baker (London) as he delivered the closing message at the Free Presbyterian Ministers' Week of Prayer today.

He had selected Jeremiah 23:22-29 as his text and though he made several allusions to Martin Luther and the Protestant Reformation in earlier points, it was during his final point that he issued a challenge to all who preach God's Word this year. This is 'the gist' of his comments:

"We must have confidence in the Sufficiency of the Word of God. Consider how Jeremiah 23:28 draws a contrast between the chaff and the wheat. The wind drives the chaff away. The wheat remains and is revealed. It is our Reformation year; in Luther's day the chaff was driven away. The wheat was revealed. Let us ensure that we give the wheat: show the people what the Word from God really is. And constantly challenge our own hearts - 'Have we fed or starved them?' Keep cultivating the crop of God's Word."

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