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Gutenberg Press – Stage 1

We are gradually formulating a list of items that we require (sometimes it is more desire, a la pipe dreams!) for our proposed Reformation Room at Martyrs.

Since the plan is to represent Luther, before conversion, in the monastery at Erfurt and also, post conversion, as he produces a Bible in the German language from a room in the Wartburg Castle, some basic items naturally suggest themselves:

• An old 'Captain's style' chair – the more battered and worn the better,

• An old ornate table such as is contained in the Luther Room in the Wartburg Museum today,

• (We are really pushing the boat out on this one) – a representation of the Gutenberg Press which was used to publish Luther's Theses and other literature, including the new German Bibles.

Believe it or not, the third item on our list has initially yielded the most promise!

After Phil Hartin had appealed on Facebook for anyone who may own a functional Fly Press, he received a quick response, advising him that one was available should he wish to purchase or borrow. This basic mechanism (pictured above) could be incorporated into a wooden frame to produce an excellent rendition of a Gutenberg press (below).

Our intention is to use it to print out a scripture text / Reformation motto, "The just shall live by faith" that could be given to young visitors to our Reformation Room.

Please continue to keep this project in your prayers.

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