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Anti-Semitic Storm over Playmobil Luther

'Tiny Martin Luther toy triggers claims of anti-Semitism' is the title of an article written by Tom Heneghan for USA Today, 4 January 2017.

Undoubtedly the best quote in this article appears right at the end:

“In this jubilee year, it’s not primarily about Luther Playmobil figures, Luther socks and Reformation candies. They only open the door so the message can be heard. And it is clear and more relevant than ever — rediscover Christ!”

Luther's later antagonistic statements about Jews will be treated in a subsequent blog post on 'The Reformation Door' – though the recent storm generated by a few liberal professors should not detain us at this stage. (A favourable comparison may be made between the text that Playmobil used and what appears on the main Luther monument in Wittenberg - see below).

Suffice to say that is our earnest prayer on this 500th anniversary year that our people should "rediscover Christ."

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