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Introducing our Reformation Room

The kirk session and committee at Martyrs Memorial approved some alteration work to a room behind the pulpit on the first floor. In years gone by this had been W.P. Moore’s Bible Class room. In more recent times this area had been partitioned and served as a storeroom for recording equipment. Restoration work has involved the partition being removed, opening up the room to its former size, plus the installation of a suspended ceiling, extra lighting and heaters. Our medium terms plans for this area is to use it as a ‘Reformation Room’ where we can house an exhibit for the 500th Anniversary of the Protestant Reformation. While this event will be properly commemorated by a special Presbytery Rally in Martyrs on Friday, 20 October 2017, it is hoped that the exhibition will be ready much earlier than this. Our plan is to invite schools, etc., to view the room and embark on a ‘Reformation Tour’ through the church building. We are trying to collect various items of Reformation significance for use in this proposed exhibition; should anyone reading this own such artifacts and would be willing to loan them for the purpose of our display, please do contact us. We will be delighted to ‘look after them’ for a short time.

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