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“This faith alone, when based upon the sure promises of God, must save us; as our text clearly explains.
And in the light of it all, they must become fools who have taught us other ways to become godly.”

Martin Luther

Sermon on ...


The 95 Theses


Sermon on...


Primacy of the Pope


Click on the "Quill" links above to open some of the major documents penned in the Reformation era that still crystallise for us what the Bible teaches on the great controversies between Roman Catholicism and New Testament Christianity.


“For the publication later that month of his “Sermon on Indulgences and Grace”, he switched to German, avoiding regional vocabulary to ensure that his words were intelligible from the Rhineland to Saxony.
The pamphlet, an instant hit, is regarded by many as
the true starting point of the Reformation.”

The Economist

An insightful article from the Economist dating back to 17 December 2011, showing how Luther's message spread via the equivalent of social networking in his day

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