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Martin Luther had a fascinating association with rooms.


• From the room he occupied in the August­inian Monastery at Erfurt, in which he cruelly afflicted himself with multiple penances – but also where he turned from these dead works to read the living Word of God that brought conviction, then conversion, to his soul ...

• Through the room in his house in Collegienstrasse, Wittenberg, where he and Catherine - the love of his life - lived with their six children, where he prayed for them and taught them the Scriptures and the Child's Catechism ...

• To the most famous room of all Luther associations, that little one in the Wartburg Castle where Luther, in hiding as 'Junker Jorge,' performed his epochal work of translating the Bible into the German language.


In opening our own 'Reformation Room,' we intend to provide a local resource to which people can come for information about Luther's life and legacy, plus immerse themselves in a little tour that will be sure to impart a considerable flavour of this significant Reformer's achievements under God. 


Ian Brown


"Given the facts that some of Luther's 95 Theses are embossed on the outer metal doors of our church and a plaster bust of him appears just beyond the inner doors (he's one of the many heroes of the faith that are commemorated in Martyrs) it seemed only logical to assemble an exhibition on this 500th anniversary of the beginning of the Protestant Reformation."

Peter Lunn

Business Manager

"With much prayerful expectation it is my desire under God to see this Reformation Room located behind the Martyrs pulpit become a place used of God to win the lost for Christ, specially among the many young people who will be visiting the exhibition."

"The Word of God is quick and powerful" (Hebrews 4:12)

Phil Hartin

Youth Coordinator

"'Half a millennium later the Reformation still shapes our world,' was a recent news headline. So what was this Reformation that still impacts Europe, USA, etc., and our lives today?

I look forward to inviting young people to discover the answer to this fascinating question for themselves! This educational experience will be delivered in an engaging and interactive style; all young people will be really welcome."


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